There’s no such thing as a bad day to fish, so if you’re itching to get out there with a line and a pole, we get it.  It makes sense, however, that you actually want to come back with a few catches, right?  If so, here are some details to help you go on out and make the most out of your angling adventure.

Natural live or dead bait:

If you’re a beginner or you want to start things out slowly, you’ll find that the best bait to start out comfortably is going to au natural.  This could be live or dead, whichever you prefer.  The best bait to get a worthwhile catch is going to be shrimp or squid.  You can also look at a cut fish such as a mullet or even shad.  The choice that you make often simply comes down to preference and, of course, access.

Live bait with a popping cork:

If you’ve got a few seasons under your belt, you simply want to make it more challenging on yourself, you’re mostly likely going to want to try out a popping cork.  This is a bit tricky for those who are still learning the ropes — lines, actually — of angling, but it’s a great challenge.  The use of a popping cork and quick jerks of the line imitates a small fish popping out of the water and grabbing a bite.  With this technique it’s best to use quick jerks.  This can attract your fish of choice faster than natural bait on its own.  With a popping cork, it’s best to use live bait.  For the line used in the popping cork method, you’ll want to stick to 16”-24”.

How to go about using your bait?

You can fish from a series of spots, of course. To put your bait practices to use, you’ll find that jetty fishing can offer a lot of perks.  While it can be tricky to battle with wave that will splash over the jetties from time to time, it’s a neat way to get some unique catches.

Another great way to enjoying the entire fishing experience is to go with a fishing charter.  Not only will you have the mobility to move around from one spot to another, you may actually learn new spots and techniques to angling.  When you go with a fishing charter, you’ll want to bring a wide selection of bait — live and dead — so that you can really try out the different techniques to give you the best results.

Lastly, going with a fishing charter offers you expert advice from local anglers that are legitimately interested in helping you strengthen your fishing skills.  If you want to learn all about bait, its role in casting a line, and getting the catch you came out here for, a fishing charter may be the best option for you.

Now that you’re fully equipped for an enjoyable time out and about with your line and pole, the only thing left to do is, well, get out there. Contact Galveston Fishing Charters to book your trip and get out there!