The ‘winter’ season has set in across the United States. While the winters in Galveston, Texas are considerably mild compared to the rest of the US, it does tend to limit some of your options as far as your fun activities are concerned.  However, there are still plenty of ways for you to take in Galveston until early Spring comes rolling around.  Take a look at some of the best local options waiting for you.

Galveston local fun things to do

See an opera

There’s a lot to be said for the classic way of life, and there is no better way to prove this than in checking out a production put on at The Grand, a historic and stunning opera house.  You can choose from a variety of shows and enjoy something that is going to fascinate you and anyone you want to bring along with you.

Time travel

While literally travelling in time isn’t exactly possible, you can do it a lot easier than you might think.  There’s no better way to show it to you than in taking a look at something like the Bishop’s Palace and checking out the history that is waiting for you within the walls.  This is great for the whole family and it can be fun to those who specifically love the historical spots.  Beautiful and rich with information, this is a wonder winter outing to consider.

Meet an animal

If you’re interested in animal conservation and want to get up close and personal with an otter or penguins or even seals, take a look at Moody Gardens; animal encounters.  These are great for kids as well as adults. It provides a learning experience for all who want to learn about the animals around them. Plus, the perks of helping the environment by learning what is being done in order to preserve their habitats and way of life.

Head out on a camping trip

There’s nothing like the great outdoors to really help you enjoy the world around you.  Why not pick a camping site, like the Galveston Island State Park, and head out for a weekend or even longer?  There is plenty wildlife to admire. What’s not to love about the open air under the stars. Heck, in Galveston, the weather is usually more enjoyable and you can enjoy the fresh breeze. You can even go boating or hiking.

Go fishing

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention fishing. After all, Galveston IS surrounded by so much water.  So, grab your rod and line and reel in a great catch or two.  With various types of fishing that can be caught specifically in the winter months as fish migrate, it’s a fine time of year to explore the world of angling and also improve your skills so that you catch even more.  If you want the full experience, consider hiring a professional fishing charter.  You’ll get access to experienced anglers, the right gear and locations to help you get the catch of a lifetime.

Winter in Texas is as jam-packed as every other season, especially if you know where to look for fun and enjoyment for the whole family.  Whether you want to take a look at fishing, the opera, animal encounters or any combination of these things, the winter months are just as perfect a time as any and all of these exciting adventures. The hard part is going to be choosing the right one to start!

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