Fairness & Accuracy

Captain Steve Brown is all of the above and he prides himself on being the best Weighmaster possible. We use top quality scales. If you need a honest and hard working Fishing Weighmaster for the Galveston and surrounding areas for your tournament please contact Capt. Steve Brown at 713-724-9939 or send him an e-mail.

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How it Works

 Weighmasters are needed and extremely important at any official fishing tournament. Fishing Weighmasters do more than just weigh your fish! A Weighmaster makes sure that all the entrants’ personal & contact information is correct, that every fish weighed in is eligible and every contestant weighing in a fish is treated equally. Weighmasters are also in charge of making sure their scales are accurate and that the weight of every fish is recorded just as accurately. Fairness and accuracy of the weighmaster are taken for granted, but these traits form the core around which the good times of everyone involved in a tournament revolve, whether or not they are fortunate enough to catch a fish to bring to the scales or even if they are merely observers or helpers and not contestants at all. And remember a Weighmaster has the final say, he is not to be bias towards anyone.

In Action