Are you a fishing lover.. regardless of the type of fishing you partake in or do you only like a specific type of fishing? There are various types of fishing and with each may have different requirements and/or bait for each. Do you know where you should be going in order to get the specific kind of fish you desire?  Further, the different types of fishing out there provide not only very different fish but also another overall experience.  So, regardless of what type of fish you want, what type of experience you prefer, check this out, be prepared and get hooked on the end result – FISH and FUN!

We offer most of these fishing experiences but wanted to share a few others with you as well. What’s your preferred or favorite method?

Offshore fishing

In a larger boat that is going to make the movement of the water much more comfortable, you’ll be able to enjoy offshore fishing in modern convenience, whether you’re looking at doing some light tackle options, or you’re interested in getting the big one.  There is lots of variety when looking at offshore fishing, so if you’re simply out looking for a fishing adventure, you’ll want to consider this for the thrill of the ride and the adventure in the different kinds of fish that you can find.

Nearshore fishing

When wanting to enjoy a smaller group of people, maybe not as full of a day on the water, nearshore fishing may be more your style.  With this particular kind of trip, you’ll be looking at bull reds, king fish or jack fish, and it’ll be just the right amount of time with only a few people joining in on the party.  Great for the thrill of the catch and a quiet atmosphere, this is great to consider.

Bait fishing

Mostly done in fresh water, bait fishing is where fishing itself came from.  This is how most people start out fishing, and it’s a great way to do it due to the fact that you can actually catch freshwater kinds of fish, which are very different from the typical salt water kinds.  As simple as a pole, bait, and a hook, this is great for solitary adventures.

Fly fishing

Often attractive due to the unique nature of this kind of fishing, fly fishing is a great way to enjoy the day while also learning about how to properly master the technique.  This is great for beginner and experienced fishers alike to consider for an outing.

Rock fishing

While potentially dangerous without proper training and experience, there’s a certain thrill to rock fishing that is ideal for those courageous and experienced fishing pros that are looking to really explore the options and get that heart-pounding, fast-paced adventure that you won’t find in any other kind of fishing experience.


Maybe you want to try all of these kinds of fishing, and maybe you want to simply stick with the angling that you know and love. Regardless, it can be great to know that there are options out there to help you to further enjoy the thrill of fishing, no matter what form it takes or where you go to do it.  Fishing has been around for generations, and with the modern tools to help bring it further and add some adrenaline to the mix, it will be around for many more to come.

Should you be looking for a fishing charter, near or offshore, Galveston Fishing Charters is the answer. We have several Captains ready to help educate you about the Galveston Bay and the fish or shark expediences as well as an overall great time. Contact us to Book a Trip or call us at (713) 724-9939. We look forward to seeing you on the water!