The hot weather is upon us and for Texas, it’s essentially all the time but the Texas summer is especially brutal.  With the higher humidity and higher temperatures comes potential dangers, no matter how used you are to Texan climate.  Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, or a newbie who is looking to do it right, you’ll find some practical and authentic tips below to help you stay cool in the hot, humid heat that is expected from Texas during the summer.

Wear lightweight, protective clothing

When you’re out on water, shade is typically limited.  So, wearing protective clothing that is intended to block the sun’s rays and keep you cool at the same time is ideal.  You can get long-sleeve, lightweight clothing that also has moisture wicking.  In fact, you can even find lines of clothing intended for anglers who want to beat the often underestimated power of the sun reflecting on the water.  Consider getting a few quality pieces and it’ll help.

Invest in a cooling towel

If you know it’s going to be really hot, bring a cooling towel.  These modern designs can be wrapped around your neck, at the wrists or ankles and work by holding the cold water that you soak it in and using it to cool your temperature down for a couple hours at a time.  Great for when you need some slow relief or fast relief after working up a sweat. There are various types on the market, so do your research to find one that works best for you, your needs and the situation.

Don’t forget your hat

On a boat, a hat is going to be necessary.  You can find angler’s hats or just revert to a lightweight, breathable baseball cap if you’d prefer.  The point is to find a hat that you like, does the trick and keeps you cool and protected from the dangers of the sun, the heat and the UV rays.  Consider that it isn’t just your face that you want to protect but your ears and the back of your neck which gets missed when wearing a ball cap.

Regularly apply sunscreen

Wearing long sleeves or light pants is good idea, but applying sunscreen to any visible skin as often as possible will help protect from burning.  If you are worried about forgetting, set a reminder on your phone or other device to help you remember it’s time to reapply.

Consider going for a dip

If all else fails, really consider the idea of jumping ship – literally – and going for a quick swim in the cool water.  It’s great for an instant cool-down and can be great exercise, too.  Just make sure the boat isn’t, you know, moving when you do it.

Eat smaller meals and don’t forget the lemon

Eating smaller meals means that your body won’t have to heat up to process the food that you’re eating, so that’s a great tip to remember.  Along that same line, add a frozen lemon slice to your water and you’ll find it will add some zing of flavor and keep your drink cool at the same time.

When you’re looking to find realistic and practical ways to beat the Texas heat, these tips will lead you down the right path to help you make sure that you stay safe whether you’re at home, outside working, fishing at the beach, out on the boat fishing or being leisurely, or any combination of these options. The point here is to be sure you are prepared for the weather and of course prepared for your day out on the water, hopefully with us!

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