Our Love of Fishing and Teaching

As Captains we love to fish, and our love has grown into a combined 45 years of fishing experience in the Galveston Bay. However, our first love is bringing this joy to the new angler who savors the experience of fishing for the first time or to the veteran angler who seeks a challenge and a new experience or to the angler groupie who wants to relish in the rhythmic waves of the ocean while watching colorful wildlife flurry in the water. Because of our first love, we customize our trips based on what you want, need, desire, and have experienced so that you not only enjoy the trip, but you feel confident in choosing us to be your captains. If you are not learning a new skill, facing a new challenge, soaking in the coastal life of Galveston, or finding peace in the tranquility of the ocean, we have not done our jobs as captains. We are here to serve you and guide you through the best possible Galveston fishing charter trip, curated with the expertise of our captains.

Capt Steve - full time fishing charter in Galveston and Port O Connor

Captain Steve Brown


Growing up along the Texas Coast, Captain Steve Brown developed a love for fishing at a young age. Most of his summers were spent fishing in the Galveston Bay system as well as the bays of Port O’Connor. He took a full time job in his twenties, but he missed the fishing experience he had grown up with, so he decided to be a part time fishing guide at the same time. After achieving success as a part time guide, Captain Steve became a full time fishing guide in the Galveston Bay system he grew to love as a child. His accumulated experience over time has given him the expertise to curate a trip for those seeking bay and inshore fishing. You can connect with Captain Steve on social media to learn more about him, see his captain skills in action, and witness the successes he and his customers have fishing in the Galveston Bay. You can book your Galveston Fishing Charter today.

Galveston Fishing Charters - ShearWater Bay Boat

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25′ ShearWater Bay Boat powered by a 300HP Mercury outboard

Capt C.R near shore or off Gulf of Mexico angler

Captain C.R. Maher


For over 25 years, Captain C.R. Maher has fished the Galveston Bay system, which has increased his knowledge and expertise of the area. Because of his extensive knowledge of Galveston Bay, Captain C.R. successfully customizes trips for all anglers. Specializing in specific skills, Captain C.R. can teach a new angler, a veteran angler, a family member or even a child how to accrue different skills such as using live bait, throwing a variety of artificial baits, and trying different methods of fishing. You can connect with Captain C.R. on social media to get to know his style of fishing, his charter fishing experiences, and his specialized skills in action with customers. You can book your Galveston Fishing Charter today.

Galveston Fishing Charters - Boaston Whaler Boat

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25′ Boston Whaler powered by (1) 250HP Suzuki Outboard motor

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