If you feel the salty air calling you to grab your fishing line and head out for some fun and to catch your next meal, you aren’t alone.  More and more people are embracing their inner angler and looking for a worthwhile way to spend their free time.  To help out the novice anglers, we’ve put together some of the top tips to keep in mind when you’re looking at setting out with your line and bait to enjoy the good ol’ outdoors and all that it can offer.

Make sure you’ve got the right current fishing license

Unlike the cartoons, you can’t just go and sink your line anywhere and take your catch home without trouble.  You should have a current fishing license and know exactly what it covers and what it doesn’t.  This will tell you when you can fish, what you can fish, and even where you can fish.  It can be helpful to understand where the limits are and abide by them to keep your experience positive and, well, legal.

Have the proper hooks

If you’ve made the mistake of Googling “best fishing hooks” as a novice, you probably took one look at the massive amount of content and promptly panicked.  Don’t worry, like anything, understanding the hooks to use and the line and rod to go with them is something that you’ll get used to with time.  You can find a lot of information online that is informative and not so overwhelming but don’t forget our “What’s in your tackle box” blog too.  Just don’t put pressure on yourself to understand it all immediately.

Dress appropriately

The clothing that you see anglers wearing is, in fact, the real deal.  The clothing is designed to be lightweight, protective against the Texas sun, and focused on offering you superior protection from the elements all around.  From hats to sunglasses and shoes, it would be helpful to invest in a least a few of the essentials before you head out on the water.

Head out with a professional charter

When you’re ready to head out, don’t concern yourself with a getting a boat and doing it yourself.  Allow our professional charter rentals to take you out to the perfect spots for you to enjoy all of the perks that go along with fishing without the added stress of a boat.  Our captains are extremely experienced in fishing and will be able to offer tips, answer your questions, and help you truly enjoy your experience on the water from start to finish.

For a stress-free introduction to angling, you have got a few critical details to take care of, but when you sink your pole into the water, the true enjoyment that comes from being on the water and enjoying the world will make the entire experience worth it.  It’ll make the first time a lot easier and you’ll still feel like you’re getting the authentic experience that you have been craving.  So grab your pole, your sunscreen and your hooks, and head on out to enjoy the salty air with our charter to guide the way.

Should you have any questions about our fishing charter services and trip rates, contact us today or just book your trip!