It seems that everything is off-limits these days due to the pandemic and the restrictions that are in place to hopefully make everyone safe and healthy. If you are bored out of your mind, stressed or looking for something just fun and worry-free, why not consider the idea of going fishing with a charter to guide you?  It’s both fun and safe during this unprecedented season.

Why is fishing fun during the pandemic

It’s open where other things are closed

Many things are closed or reduced occupancy because they are inside and/or can’t properly enforce social distancing and other cleanliness expectations. Fishing can do that easily and is a lot of fun.  Instead of worrying about whether those around you are sick, you can just enjoy crowd-free fun!

Great outdoor activity

Fishing is also done outside (obviously) which experts agree is always safer than the option of ever doing anything inside even without crowds. What a fun activity to partake in while staying safe.

Can be a great learning experience

From novice anglers to kids, everyone can enjoy some great education and experience with fishing so that you feel invigorated to keep going even after this is over.

Nature is good for mental health

Without question, being outside and in nature is good for your mental and emotional health as much as it is for your physical health. When looking for safety, fun and a great mental health boost, charter fishing is a great match.

Vitamin D is great for overall health

Fresh sunshine is great for skin health, not in excess of course, as well as your immune system, so getting access to Vitamin D is going to be one of the best things that you can consider for a stronger body.  Plus,  a little sunshine goes a long way to making it fun and immersive. Not to mention, being all cooped up inside can be a downer.

How is fishing safe during the pandemic?

Not crowded

Since you are working with professionally trained fishing captains, it’s safe to say that they know how to keep you safe on the boat. Even with new social distancing and health restrictions, it’s a crowd-free and wide-open activity that really helps you stay safe and sound.

Can stay within your bubble

When heading out with a fishing rod, you can stay within your bubble of household members or close friends and still make it a safe and exciting social affair. Great for those that want to take those extra steps, too.

Helps you to “travel” without traveling

Traveling within your local area, especially out on a boat, can help scratch that itch of getting out of the house but not traveling too far.

From its level of fun to its level of safety and beyond, fishing is going to be one of the best things that you can consider when you want to do something to ease your pandemic-related boredom or worries. Fishing makes it all magically disappear, even if it’s just for a little while. Right now, this makes all of the difference you need and deserve.

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