As much as you may love heading out for some fishing, it may not love you back.  We’re talking, specifically, here about seasickness. A long-acknowledged problem in amateur anglers and experienced pros alike, there are some ways that you can ward it off before it begins. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your time with a fishing charter.

What is seasickness?

The first step to overcoming seasickness is understanding what it is in the first place!  Seasickness is when there is a disagreement between your inner ear (what is responsible for your sense of balance) and your other senses. Your inner ear can tell that you are moving (and is trying to compensate for that), but your eyes aren’t corresponding to that movement, so the body is confused and it makes you nauseous, dizzy and more.

How to manage seasickness

If you’re looking to take every precaution you can to protect yourself from seasickness, there are some real tips that you can put into action that will give you a boost before the trip even starts.  Here are some pointers to keep in mind.

Steer clear from alcohol and eat right

First, you’re going to want to skip over any kind of alcohol and fast food several days before you head out on to the charter, or at least the day before, especially if you are one who typically gets sick from motion.  You’ll also want to avoid heavy rich foods or spicy foods, which can add nausea to even the best person on the water.   Both the night before and the morning of, you’ll want to eat healthy, light dinners and stay hydrated. This puts your body at its strongest.

Be up for a while before boarding your charter

When you reach morning-of, try to make sure you are up and moving for a while before your time to arrive on the docks. Being up and making sure that your body, too, has time to activate and wake up will help make sure that you are roaring on all cylinders.

Take motion sickness medication

If you decide to go with some sort of motion sickness medication, including oral pills, patches or pressure point wristbands, you’ll want to make sure you have them all in place a good hour before you step foot on a boat. The longer it has to take effect before it is needed, the better.

Avoid seasick people

It may seem harsh, but this is legitimately important to keeping yourself symptom-free!  If someone else is seasick around you, it can often make you seasick, too!  Avoid them and take some deep breaths and look at the horizon if you do find yourself stuck close by to someone dealing with it.

Fishing is a whole lot of fun, but no one wants to spend their time fishing on a charter with an upset stomach. Not only does it wear you out and dehydrate you, but it also keeps you from enjoying your time on the water and with your friends.

Do your part to prevent seasickness using these tips to guide you!  And let us guide you on the water toward the best fishing in Galveston! Contact Galveston Fishing Charters at (713) 724-9939 to book your trip today!