Texas is home to some quality fishing holes that will offer up great catches.  If you’re specifically looking for some saltwater options, you’ll be happy to learn that you’ve got all sorts of quality places to enjoy the specialty breeds that are just waiting for your bait.  Here are some of the best places.

Rollover Pass

This is one of the most popular spots for locals, which is always a sign that it’s going to be “the” spot to enjoy some great catch.  If you’ve always dreamed of hauling home a flounder, this is your spot.  It’s considered the top spot in Texas specifically for flounder fishing.

East Bay

A wide swath of spots within this fishing spot, you’ll have yourself a grand ol’ time as far as bringing home some photo-worthy catches.  Enjoy spotted sea trout and redfish among others.  You can enjoy all sorts of flats and reefs, too, giving you a few choice areas that will gift you a cooler full of catch.

61st St Fishing Pier

While this spot does charge you to fish there, it’s well-loved by locals year-round.  It’s also open 24 hours a day, weather permitting, so it can be great if you’ve ever wanted to go for a midnight fishing adventure on a pier.

Galveston Bay

There is no shortage of fish breeds to catch in the bay, including catfish, golden croker, puppy drum and more.  This is also a wonderful area to check out if you’re interested in bird watching and even seeing a few baby sea mammals come to life.

Padre Island

This has been a long-time popular spot for a great catch and it’s now considered a national seashore.  While there are restrictions on fishing — you must have a saltwater stamp and a fishing license (like most places) — it can be a wonderful area to see and catch all sorts of great saltwater catches.  Top options include gun flounder, king mackerel, dolphin fish and wahoo.  Even though this does require a few more specifics, it’s certainly worth a look if you want the breadth of catches.

Not sure?  Consider a charter!

Whether you’ve got too much on your mind or you just want to enjoy your fishing trip for how it’s intended to be lived, consider hiring the support and guidance of a fishing charter like Galveston Fishing Charters.  Not only will these experienced captains be able to lead you to the best saltwater fishing spots, but it’ll also be planned for you in advance, so you can simply kick back, relax and get ready for some quality catches.   While it’s great to know the right spots in general, getting off the shore a little bit is still always going to offer you impressive results that will make your saltwater journey all the more worthwhile.

Whether you’ve been to any of these before or you just want to add a few more spots to your favorite fishing haunts, all of these Texas spots are going to offer you quality catches of saltwater breeds that will put a skip in your step when you haul your load home at the end of the day. Contact us at (713) 724-9939.