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Galveston Fishing Charters is the way to experience all that Galveston has to offer. Providing an adventure for the individual, group, or family, Galveston Fishing Charters gives any local or visitor a new experience of Galveston life.  Do you enjoy fishing? Both beginning and veteran anglers can catch Redfish, Speckled Trout, Black Drum, Flounder,Jack Crevalle, and more. Do you want to amplify your fishing experience? Test your abilities with shark fishing, catching a range of Lemon, Blacktip, Spinner, or Bull Sharks only a few  miles from the shore.

Do you want to learn more tips to make your future fishing trips successful? Our expert captains are USCG and Texas licensed with a combined 45 years of experience in the Galveston Bay area, and they love to teach as much as they love to fish.  Do you want to surround yourself with our natural wildlife? From the deck of our inshore and nearshore boats, you can pass the day watching seagulls, dolphins, sea turtles, stings rays, and different types of other wildlife.  Or do you simply want to feel the warmth of the sun blend with the salt from the sea breeze while you are away from work, stress, and life’s monotony? Whatever you are looking for in your visit or extended stay, Galveston Fishing Charters can provide that for you.  Take a look at our trip rates and lets begin your experience today!

All fishing charter guides are USCG and state of Texas licensed & insured

Experience Nearshore Adrenaline Infused Shark Fishing in Galveston

One of the specialties of Galveston Fishing Charters is shark fishing. During the summer months, sharks such as Blacktip, Bull Shark, and Spinner, can be found nearshore of Galveston Bay. Galveston Fishing Charter provides larger reels and rods to hook the sharks, which can be heavy, ranging from 50 to 500 pounds. While shark fishing may seem like a hobby for the experienced angler, it is also entertainment for the family. One of the most exciting sharks, the Spinner, jumps and spins in the air when hooked, which impresses anglers of all ages. Kids enjoy the challenge of catching a shark, seeing a shark up close, and feeling safe while experiencing something exciting. After catching the sharks, the family of anglers can be stewards of the sea by releasing the sharks into the ocean in order to maintain the shark population, which has been overfished by commercial fishermen. Rather than visiting an aquarium and seeing a shark through glass, families can search for sharks on the open ocean, hold the shark and feel its strength, and value the shark’s natural beauty and habitat– a more intimate experience with Galveston wildlife.

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Who We Are

Galveston Fishing Charters has a combined 45 years of experience, our captains love to fish in Galveston and cultivate the same love in others. If you are a beginning angler, we will teach you how to use the equipment, show you successful techniques, create environmental-friendly habits, and educate you on the fish and wildlife of the Galveston Bay system. If you are a veteran angler, we will expand on your fishing skills and knowledge while exposing you to the niches of Galveston Bay fishing to enhance your time on the ocean. For those who want to experience more than fishing, we are there to provide a safe, professional, and fun atmosphere.

Captain Steve Brown


Captain Steve Brown is an experienced inshore angler and guide in the Galveston Bay area. With twenty years of experience, Captain Steve owns two businesses dedicated to fishing while acting as a weighmaster throughout the year for many local fishing tournaments in Galveston. When guiding the beginning and experienced angler, Captain Steve maintains the best charter equipment, teaches his extensive fishing knowledge, and supports First Responders, active military, and military veterans.

Captain C.R. Maher


Captain C.R. Maher of Galveston Fishing Charters specializes in nearshore and offshore fishing year-round in Galveston. Inshore expeditions with Captain C.R. can include speckled trout, redfish, and flounder. Nearshore charters with captain C.R. can include sharks, Bull Redfish, Jack Crevelle, and other species that roam the near shore waters off Galveston.  Captain C.R. supplies all the equipment to help you catch whatever species you want to target.

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