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Galveston Bay Fishing and How You Can Enjoy It

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Grabbing your rod and reel and heading out to catch yourself quality eats is as good as it gets when you are enjoying the great outdoors and all it can offer in the hot Texan sun.  So, if you're looking to do just that but you are on the hunt for how to best enjoy it, take a look at some of the best options out there to enjoy what's waiting for you beneath the waves. Head out on the water When looking to enjoy fishing in Galveston Bay the best place to be is, well, on the bay.  You'll want to look [...]

The Basics on Shark Fishing

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Grab your rod and and a boat, or book a charter with Galveston Fishing Charter for your shark expedition, and get ready for a great session of shark fishing.  Not sure how to do that?  We've got just the inside scoop but here's some info for you right now.  The basics on shark fishing are going to be easier than you could have imagined, making your next adventure that much easier to enjoy to the fullest. When is best to find shark: As far as timing is concerned, you'll be able to take a crack at shark fishing year-round.  In terms of the [...]

How to Prepare for a Day Out on the Water

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The sun is shining, the water is beckoning, and you've got your fishing pole ready to go.  Let's hit the water!  Right?  Well, sure, but there may be a few more things that you might want to consider bringing along with you.  After all, taking care of your needs is critical when you're heading out on the bay for some adventures.  You don't want to find out, after you've already pushed off shore, that you forgot your sunscreen at home. Here's how to best prepare for a fun adventure on the water Bring lots of sunscreen Sunscreen is an absolute must-have out on [...]

Various Types of Fishing

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Are you a fishing lover.. regardless of the type of fishing you partake in or do you only like a specific type of fishing? There are various types of fishing and with each may have different requirements and/or bait for each. Do you know where you should be going in order to get the specific kind of fish you desire?  Further, the different types of fishing out there provide not only very different fish but also another overall experience.  So, regardless of what type of fish you want, what type of experience you prefer, check this out, be prepared and get hooked on the [...]